New From Has Been only on the Marketplace

Hi There! Now available on the marketplace, the Mallory Buildings. Seven modular multi-purpose buildings that can be purchased as a set or individually.  The corner buildings are only available in the full set version along with sidewalk extensions in 5 sizes. The buildings are multi-purpose and can be used for shops, apartments, houses or sky boxes. Copy/Mod so they are great for rentals or events.
Texture change HUDS with 8 color options for the exterior walls, shutters, and doors. Other faces are tintable in edit mode. The LI for each ranges from 18 to 37 and the sizes are from 10 X 12 to 16 X 22. Configure your own custom layout and color scheme.

There are demos available in both full size and a miniature linked version if you don’t have the prims or room to rez the fulls size. However, you can not try the HUD on the miniature version.

Has Been - Mallory Building Set 1

Has Been - Mallory Building Set 2

Has Been - Mallory Building A

Has Been - Mallory Building B


Has Been - Mallory Building C

Has Been - Mallory Building E

Has Been - Mallory Building F


Has Been Mallory Buildings on the Marketplace



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