New Releases @ Has Been

Bunch of new releases out @ Has Been right now, and they are all 50% (or more) off through 8/10.

Jeanette Tops & Bodysuits. Lots of layers and wear options. A follow-up to the Jeanette Dresses released a couple weeks ago. The ruffle comes in two versions, with and without resize. $50L per color

Reminisce Sundresses – Makes a cute Sunsuit without the skirt too! Also includes with and without resize versions for the skirts. $75L per color

Sentimental Dresses – I could tell you a whole story about these dresses, why they are the color combos they are and why they are named Sentimental. But instead I’ll just say $75L per color. And again with and without resize for the skirts.

Sometimes Dresses – a big poofy, pretty classic vintage formal dress, because sometimes you just need a big poofy dress. Includes a resize version for the sculpted skirt waistband. $100L per color

Vero Tops & Dresses –  2 dark dramatics and 2 pale almost there colors. $75L Per color.

And last….. an exclusive only available at The Boneyard color for the Sentimental Dress.

Thank you! Has Been

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